DEC 2019 - The Unit of Electric Power Systems involved in informative talks in High Schools

During December 2019, the CIEMAT has been visiting several high schools in Madrid in order to provide some informative talks to the students of 4º ESO and Bachillerato. The aim of these talks is to promote the engagement to scientific and technological careers. In the particular case of the USEP, two different topics have been addressed. The first, entitled “is it possible to obtain energy from the oceans?”, about the technologies to convert the energy contained in the waves and tides into electricity and the challenges to do it. The second, entitled “how will we move tomorrow?” related to the basis of a sustainable mobility and a description of how an electric vehicle works as well as a description of what is Hyperloop and the main challenges involved in this transport. Marcos Lafoz, Marcos Blanco and Miguel Santos were the researchers in charge of delivering the conferences at different high schools in Madrid.