23/11/2018 - Applications of Energy Storage to Power Systems

The course of energy storage technologies and applications organized by CIEMAT celebrates its third edition. This time, the course has been focused in electric grid applications in order to increase the integration of renewable energies. Once again, the 15 attendees (reduced number allowed due to the limitations of the laboratory sessions) have had the possibility to know the details about the different technologies of energy storage. One of the main differential characteristics of the course is the demonstrations of some experimental setups of energy storage technologies (batteries, supercapacitors, flywheels and superconducting magnet energy storage). This edition, the group had also the possibility to visit the pumped-hydro energy plant of Bolarque. A great opportunity to see the details of one of the most important power plants in the Central area of the country.
Information about the next editions will be published in the website of CIEMAT soon.