Usep - Unit of Electric Power Systems

Assigned to the Electric Engineering Division in the Department of Technology, the Group of Electric Drives is involved in projects of energy storage related to renewables, power electronics and electric drives for both industry and energy applications. 

The main areas of interests of the group are: energy storage based on flywheels; hybrid energy storage; wave energy conversion; switched reluctance machines; electric drives; power electronics; power converters applied to particle accelerators; and development of singular laboratory facilities for testing power electronics and electric drives.

The main capabilities of the group are: electromagnetic, electric, mechanical and thermal design and analysis (including finite elements method), modelling and simulation of electromechanical systems, advanced power electronics topologies and control, methodologies of optimised design, advanced control for electric drives and laboratory prototyping of electric drives. 

The group focuses its activity in the development of national and international projects in collaboration with the industry as well as in the publication of articles for scientific magazines and international conferences.  The group also hosts many students from the University in order to develop their Degree Final Project, Master Thesis or Ph.D, thanks to educational agreements signed between CIEMAT and several Universities.