Non-viral vehicles for gene editing

Specific gene editing by CRISPR systems is a promising biotechnological tool for the treatment of different genetic diseases. However, the efficient and specific delivery of the system to the target tissues is still a bottleneck that must be solved. Our research is focused on the design of non-viral vehicles for the delivery of CRISPR proteins (Cas12, Cas9, Cas13) in complex with the guide RNA (RNP). The vehicles are based on protein or metallic nanostructures, whose carry the RNPs using chemical linkers able to release the cargo by intracellular stimulus (smart release).


CRISPR proteins as diagnostic tools.

The highly specific target recognition by CRISPR RNPs can be used for the detection of nucleic acids. In this research line we combine Cas12a or Cas13 target interaction and nanotechnology to design “point of care” sensing systems for the diagnosis of mutated genes in liquid biopsies and infectious diseases (like Covid-19).



Begoña Sot Sanz. PhD 

Carmen Escalona Noguero. PhD Student

María López Valls. PhD Student


Begoña Sot Sanz

Begoña Sot Sanz

Head of Research Area