Conference poster presentations

List of recent work-in-progress poster presentations



CFD for Combustion Safety 2023

Presented from March 21st, 2023 in Toulouse, France

  • Prefixed flames in narrow heated channels of circular cross-section: steady-state solutions, their linear stability analysis and dynamics, V. N. Kurdyumov, D. Fernández Galisteo, and C. Jiménez.

European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2022

Presented from May 18th - 20th, 2022 in Madrid, Spain

  • Presentation of the H2 Combustion HUB Madrid: Intelligent, decarbonized and low emissions power and heat generation, M. Sánchez-Sanz, E. Fernández-Tarrazo, C. Huete, C. Jiménez, V.N. Kurdyumov, D. Fernández-Galisteo, D. Martínez-Ruiz, V. Muntean, R. Gómez-Miguel, and J. Hermida.

XIX Jaques-Louis Lions Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering

Presented from August 30th to September 2rd, 2021 in Madrid, Sapin

  • Lean burning below the flammability limit, J. Bosch-Calvo, D. Fernández-Galisteo, C. Jiménez, and V.N. Kurdyumov.

27th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems

Presented from July 28th to August 2nd, 2019 in Beijing, China

  • Propagation of symmetric and non-symmetric flames in channels, A. Dejoan, C. Jiménez and V.N. Kurdyumov.

11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium

Presented from June 16th - 20th, 2019 in Tenerife, Spain

  • Legitimacy of the narrow-channel approximation for the study of flames propagating between two closely-spaced parallel plates, A. Dejoan, J. Melguizo-Gavilanes, D. Fernández-Galisteo, and V.N. Kurdyumov.

37th International Symposium on Combustion

Presented from July 29th to August 3rd, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland

  • Rich methanol combustion in small-scale counter-flow burners to produce hydrogen-rich syngas, D. Fernández-Galisteo, E. Fernández-Tarrazo, C. Jiménez, and V.N. Kurdyumov

26th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems

Presented from July 30th to August 4th, 2017 in Boston, USA

  • Stability of premixed gaseous flames propagating in Hele-Shaw cells, D. Fernández-Galisteo and V.N. Kurdyumov

36th International Symposium on Combustion

Presented from July 31st to August 5th, 2016 in Seoul, Korea

  • Effects of stoichiometry on premixed flames propagating in planar microchannels, D. Fernández-Galisteo, C. Jiménez, M. Sánchez-Sanz and V.N. Kurdyumov.

35th International Symposium on Combustion

Presented from August 3rd - 8th, 2014 in San Francisco, USA

  • Premixed Flame propagation between two closely spaced parallel plates, D. Fernández-Galisteo, J. Gross and P.D. Ronney