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Fluid Mechanics and Combustion Modeling Group

The Group's research objective is to enhance fundamental understanding of the phisicochemical processess ocurring in the combustion and fluid mechanics field


The Group's research lines fall within the general field of chemically reacting flows, including topics in clean combustion technologies, combustion at microscale or combustion in solid energetic materials. Our interest in complex fluid-mechanical and combustion problems of technological interest involves fundamental studies of heat and mass transport processes and



chemical reactions. The problems are covered by the use of in-house numerical simulation tools (DNS, RANS, and LES) usually throughout high-performance computing and parallel calculation, but also with the help of asymptotic methods which enable to identification of a simpler sub-problem and extract the important physical information. 


European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2024

The EHEC will take place in Bilbao from 6 to 8 March 2024. It will provide an excellent framework for updates on hydrogen energy technologies. The perfect setting to showcase advances in R&D projects and products. Our Group is working to present recent numerical results on the hydrogen and ammonia-related field, with works entitled "Detailed chemical kinetics simulation of hydrogen generation via ammonia thermal partial oxidation in a counter-current microchannel-based reactor", "Reduced kinetics for gas-turbine combustion of hydrogen and hydrogen-ammonia mixtures", and "Hydrogen flame stabilization in narrow channels by a highly conductive wall".

19th International Conference on Numerical Combustion

The 19th International Conference on Numerical Combustion will be hold between 7-10 May in Kyoto (Japan). This Conference brings together experts in all theoretical and applied areas of numerical simulation of combustion process and provides a forum for mutual exchange of information in the numerical combustion community. Our Group will present the works entitled “Effect of confinement on the propagation patterns of lean hydrogen-air flames" and “Three-dimensional simulations of ultra-lean hydrogen-air flames in narrow gaps”.

40th International Symposium on Combustion

The 40th International Symposium on Combustion will convene at the Allianz MiCo Congress Centre in Milan (Italy) from 21st to 26th July 2024. This biennial symposium provides a scientific venue for sharing ideas and experiences on the applications of combustion. It will address issues such as gas-phase reaction kinetics, soot, nanomaterials, diagnostics, laminar flames, turbulent flames, spray, droplet, supercritical combustion, detonations, explosions, supersonic combustion, solid fuel combustion, fire research, green house gas emissions, internal combustion engines, gas turbine, rocket engine combustion, etc. Our Group is working to attend this biennial symposium.