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Aguilera-Flores MM, Medellín-Castillo NA, Ávila-Vázquez V, Herrera-Orozco I, Sánchez-Mata O, Pinedo-Torres LA. Environmental impacts estimation by life cycle assessment of bioanodes fabricated from devilfish bone chars and their application in microbial fuel cells to produce bioenergy. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects, 46:1, 4123-4136 (2024).

Rodríguez-Alloza AM, Garraín D, Gulisano F. Environmental benefits of microwave-assisted self-healing technology for pavements - A Life Cycle Assessment comparative study. Materiales de Construcción, accepted.

Rodríguez-Gómez S, Medellín-Castillo NA, Herrera-Orozco I, Ávila-Galarza A, Castro-Larragoitia SA, Aguilera-Flores MM, Ávila-Vázquez V. Life Cycle Assessment of a wastewater treatment plant in an urban area using the environmental footprint method. Environment, Development and Sustainability, Dec 2023 (Published)


Díaz-Álvarez E, Garraín D, Duque L, Folgado MA, Martínez-Chaparro A. Techno-economic and sustainability analysis of an electric scooter powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Oral presentation at European Hydrogen Energy Conference EHEC 2024, 6-8 Mar 2024, Bilbao (Spain).