Ana Rosa Gamarra

Bachelor Degree in Environmental Sciences at Rey Juan Carlos University, and MSc in Environmental Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where she was involved in research activities into the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department.

She has experience in companies as Environmental and R&D Technician. In addition, she was working in the European Social Fund Department in the Fundación Biodiversidad. In CIEMAT ESA unit, she contributes to different projects related to the life cycle analysis of different energy product and process chains.

In her free time she used to collaborate in social and environmental projects, like her stay as volunteer in the International Civil Service Workcamp in Greece (, and her participation as Project Supporting Technician in a multidisciplinary team in the frame of REED+ Perú (UN REED Programme). She is member of Asociación de Ambientólogos de Madrid and different Environmental and Social NGOs.








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