13/12/2017 - Weekly Seminars

The research group has started a new season of internal seminars related to the different topics where the researchers are involved, to share with the rest of the group. Below is the list of seminars is exposed:

  1. LCL filter design method for three-phase grid connected to improve stability (29/09/2016).
  2. Optimal Control of switched reluctance machine applying Pontryagin’s principle to minimize torque ripple (14/10/2016).
  3. EMI/EMC design and troubleshooting overview (26/10/2016).
  4. Control strategy for grid converters under three-phase unbalance loads conditions (11/11/2016).
  5. Overview Modbus Communication: Principles and Implementation example (18/11/2016).
  6. LC Filter Design for Interleaved DC/DC converter connected to charge/discharge a module of ultracapacitors (24/11/2016).
  7. Optimal Direct Power Control of Grid Connected DC/AC Converters to improve dynamic response and applications (25/11/2016).
  8. Extraction of ocean-wave energy: Introductory aspects (15/01/2017).
  9. Experimental Frequency response of 3000F 2.7V. Maxwell ultracapacitors cells and equivalent circuit (24/02/2017).
  10. Application of Parallel for-Loops (parfor) of MATLAB in Linear Switched Reluctance Machine (LSRM) and DC/DC converter design (03/03/2017).
  11. How to handle our time well (03/04/2017).
  12. Li-ion Supercaps (17/04/2017).
  13. Active Damping of LCL-filter Based Grid-tie Inverters (05/05/2017).
  14. Wave Energy Converter SIMulator (23/06/2017).
  15. Modeling and control of the half bridge power converter using matlab (06/07/2017).
  16. Sizing of converters and calculation of losses in SRM (18/09/2017).
  17. Brainstorming imbalance of UCs and conclusions from the variation of self-discharge, esr and c with respect to the value given by the manufacturer (19/09/2017).
  18. Sizing of converter for reluctance machines (25/09/2017).
  19. Steps to take and things to keep in mind in purchases and suppliers for each type of material  (25/09/2017).
  20. Alarms and protocols of action in the control of the loading / unloading of UCs (16/10/2017).
  21. Modeling of the UC BCAP3000 according to their frequency response, measured experimentally (20/10/2017).
  22. Thermal loss model in SEMIKRON modules (27/10/2017).
  23. CC Characterization for each UC used in prototypes 00 and 01 of SH2 project.
  24. Self-discharge analysis in supercapacitors Maxwell BCAP3000.