High Energy Physics


CORSIKA (COsmic Ray SImulations for KAscade) [1] is a program for detailed simulation of extensive air showers initiated by high energy cosmic ray particles. Protons, light nuclei up to iron, photons, and many other particles may be treated as primaries. The particles are tracked through the atmosphere until they undergo reactions with the air nuclei or - in the case of instable secondaries - decay. The hadronic interactions at high energies may be described by several reaction models. CORSIKA may be used up to and beyond the highest energies of 100 EeV.

Sci-Track group has developed a distributed version of the code which is able to be executed on grid, cloud, and local cluster infrastructures. Regarding the former, a portlet for integrating the code in a Science Gateway for the submission of jobs was also implemented. With respect to the last, Corsika can be unattendedly executed and able to select which files to permanently storage. Such distributed version is mostly used in the LAGO collaboration [2] in the single, array, and epos versions.

[1] CORSIKA: A Monte Carlo Code to Simulate Extensive Air Showers. D. Heck, J. Knapp, J.N. Capdevielle, G. Schatz, T. Thouw. Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Technik und Umwelt, Wissenschaftliche Berichte, FZKA 6019 (1998).
[2] The LAGO collaboration, http://lagoproject.org/