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SCI-TRACK - Scientific IT Research Activities and Knowledge

Sci-Track stands for Scientific IT Research Activities and Knowledge and it conducts the research work of the ICT Division inside CIEMAT

The main line of research is focused on fault tolerance techniques in HPC and HTC platforms, computational and energy efficiency, and optimization methodologies. The group also works on developing codes of interest for the scientific community in very different areas, such as plasma physics, health science and many others.

Sci-Track is committed to the FAIR principles and develops their tools under a whole open access and open source paradigm.

Might you be interested in using one of our tools and/or codes, pease send us an e-mail




Sci-Track participates in the EoCoE-II project

Sci-Track is part of the European Commission H2020 cofunded project EoCoE-II - Energy and supercomputation joins efforts in energy fields such as fusion, wind, materials, etc.