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Ultra-lean hydrogen-enriched oscillating flames behind a heat conducting bluff-body: Anomalous and normal blow–off, C. Jiménez, D. Michaels y A. F. Ghoniem, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37, 1843-1850 (2019).

Impact of the gravity field on stability of premixed flames propagating between two closely spaced parallel plates, D. Fernández-Galisteo y V.N. Kurdyumov, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37, 1937-1943 (2019).

Thermal expansion effect on the propagation of premixed flames in narrow channels of circular cross-section: multiplicity of solutions, axisymmetry and non-axisymmetry, A. Dejoan y V.N. Kurdyumov, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37, 1927-1935 (2019).

The role of conductive heat losses on the formation of isolated flame cells in Hele-Shaw chambers, D. Martínez-Ruiz, F. Veiga-López, D. Fernández-Galisteo, M. Sánchez-Sanz y V.N. Kurdyumov, Combustion and Flame (2019), In Press.

A one-step reduced mechanism for near-limit hydrogen combustion with general stoichiometry, D. Fernández-Galisteo, A. Weiss, A. L. Sánchez y F. A. Williams, Combustion and Flame 208, 1-4 (2019).

Analysis of an idealized counter-current microchannel-based reactor to produce hydrogen-rich syngas from methanol, D. Fernández-Galisteo, E. Fernández-Tarrazo, C. Jiménez y V.N. Kurdyumov, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019), In Press.