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Propagation of symmetric and non-symmetric lean hydrogen-air flames in narrow channels: Influence of heat losses, C. Jiménez y V.N. Kurdyumov, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36, 1559-1567 (2017).

Propagation of combustion waves in the shell-core energetic materials with external heat losses, V.V. Gubernov, V.N. Kurdyumov, A.V. Kolobov y A.A. Polezhaev, Proceedings of the Royal Society A 473: 20160937 (2017).

Controlling of flame propagation in a composite solid energetic material: From stabilization to chaotic regimes, V.N. Kurdyumov, V.V. Gubernov y R.V. Fursenko, Combustion and Flame 182, 167-178 (2017).

Critical conditions for flame acceleration in long adiabatic channels closed at their ignition end, V.N. Kurdyumov, M. Matalon, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36, 1549-1557 (2017).

Effects of stoichiometry on premixed flames propagating in narrow channels: symmetry-breaking bifurcations, D. Fernández-Galisteo, C. Jiménez, M. Sánchez-Sanz y V.N. Kurdyumov, Combustion Theory and Modelling 21, 1050-1065 (2017).

Settling velocity and preferential concentration of heavy particules under two-way coupling effects in homogeneous turbulence, R. Monchaux y A. Dejoan, To appear in Physical Review Fluids (2017).