Energy Systems Analysis

  • Sustainability analysis of energy systems.
  • Economic valuation of the environmental costs and benefits associated with the production and consumption of energies derived from different cycles of fuel and transportation.
  • Study of strategies and identification of non-technical barriers to achieve a larger presence for clean energies in the market.
  • Economic analysis of emerging energy technologies, energy modelling, incorporating externalities and life cycle analysis, as well as the construction of future energy scenarios.

Descriptors: External cost; energy conversion; energy accounting; socio-economic factors; biofuels; environmental impacts; transport; energy modelling; Life Cycle Analysis.




PUBLENEF project: Second policy brief (Oct18)

This policy brief is focused on the scale-up of energy efficiency projects.

CONAMA 2018 (26-29Nov18)

ASE Unit will present a poster related to their activities in PUBLENEF project.

PUBLENEF final conference (10Oct2018)

PUBLENEf final conference was held in Brussels during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

Several studies presented around Europe (31Oct2018)

Israel Herrera presented several works in the Social LCA Conference (Pescara, IT) and the SETAC LCA Case Studies Symposium (Vienna, AT).